Bank for corporate

Programs for consumers, companies and ngos

Customers observe the market and choose the best products offered on daily basis, day by day. Without them nobody could be satisfied with such purc Read more

Systems for companies – some descriptions and some pieces of advice for presence and future

Companies are working for the good of themselves and they want to find something that can be really useful and helpful. Factoring software is prepared for each modern company. Insurance agent portal must be used all the time by agents for their good, for doubling incomes and getting more customers t Read more

Companies create solutions and job posts

Companies create business solutions and job posts for the longer time. They have to be present in the market in order to give more and more support. Companies are in the market and they have to work harder and harder. Factoring software, insurance agent portal and insurance IT solutions must be used Read more

Banks must be modern

Where is most advanced industry? – Of course the in USA. Where is most backward core banking systems? In the USA. People from Europe are really surprised that this big country which has most advanced corporation may be so retarded on many areas. There still are employers that pays by paper check, Read more

Programs shall give more and more ideas for business

The vast majority of programs is used on daily basis. Reward program is one of marketing tools that is known for specialists and management authori Read more

Enterprises as the most important topics in the market

Superb companies can concentrate on all of us in order to get more and more ideas. Companies have not only to work hard but also shall plan some development. Their actions are great and they can obtain more and more profit from some actions.

The more companies, the better for all of us. We a Read more

How to sell better?

A considerable competition exists in the telecommunications business. Many companies want to sell more quickly and more effectively, but with Read more

Why straight-through processing is the holy grail for banks

With billions being invested in financial services start-ups, the report found Australian banks have invested heavily in digitising their core banking software. Core to the digitisation effort is what bank technologists refer to as “straight-through processing”. Straight-through processing broad Read more